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Holiday Gift Guide: For Kinksters Who Want To Save Cash

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While the holiday season is known for revisiting bonds with family and friends, it also presents great opportunities for celebrating bondage with lovers and pets. But BDSM gear can cost a ton of money. And giving your partner a chastity cage in front of everyone as your family opens gifts could get awkward. But there's no reason you can't be kinky while being thrifty and discreet. Because after all, it's the thought that counts.


Hair Brush

A practical and hygienic gift that even the in-laws will approve of. But also a very versatile sex toy. Turn it over, and you have a paddle to smack ass with. Or use the handle as a dildo to rock open orifices. Oh, and the possibilities of those prickly pegs! Great bargain for 15 bucks.


Ginger Root

Show off your cooking skills while giving the impression of sophistication due to your newfound love of preparing sushi dishes. Then once everyone is gone, skin that root, and get figging with it. No need to reuse buttplugs, unless of course you're into that, because this shit is cheap.


Jump Rope

Ain't nothing wrong with wanting to get more cardio in. Obviously good for choking and tying up. But get one with some hard-ass-wooden handles, and the whips will bite harder. All this for five bucks.


Trouser/Skirt Hanger

Great way to publicly show off tidiness. Also a great way to get some tight-squeezing nipple and ball clamps for less than a dollar per clip.



Pleasant aromas help spread holiday cheer. And it doesn't cost much to wax on and whack off.


Sandpaper Finish Gloves

Handiness is hot. So is rough, rough, rubbing and tugging. While this sensation is a bit different than what you'd get from vampire gloves, the punishment per dollar ratio here is much more favorable.



Only assholes oppose clothing that fends off chilly drafts. It'll look like you want your partner to stay warm as he/she ties together that outfit in style. But what you'll really be doing is blindfolding, choking, and binding limbs together, all with the same affordable cloth.


Wiffle Ball Set

It might seem like a weird gift if you don't have kids. But baseball is 'Merica dammit, and if your parents can't accept old fogey pastimes, then they can GTFO. Actually, it'd be nice if they leave because you're gonna want to put that bat to work once you gag your partner with the ball, thread some twine around the head to keep it place, and fend off a few foul tips.


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